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At Heritage Writing Co., we believe that marketing is the most customized way any company or organization can translate its competitive advantage, unique selling proposition, technology, heritage and message to meaningful interactions with users. Whether it is a non-profit’s mission to empower youth or a piece of art from an up-and-coming artist, once it undoubtedly aligns with the user’s experience and aspirations, customer retention and brand loyalty will follow.

We specialize in marketing services with a focus on carefully crafting a heritage your clients, partners, sponsors and internal teams can be proud of.

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Heritage Package

The Heritage Package is an overhaul of your organization to help your audience EXPERIENCE your brand. Your clients will be immersed in what it means to live the as unofficial heirs of your brand. In 9 months, we will craft a strategic marketing plan that includes elements such as design, social media content creation and management, internal documentation and training your team on how to read documents and live as brand ambassadors.

Executive Package

The Executive Package is for established professionals, whose expertise is not in marketing, to brand themselves as leaders in their field for an array of reasons. The return on investment from an expert-level, personal branding on social media can include that next job offer, contacts that will lead to clients, partners, sponsors, a career shift and opportunities to market yourself in a way that actually matters to you.

Social Media Content

The Social Media Package is your simple x number of posts across x number of platforms per month to distinguish your company on each specific social media platform. With branding elements and your unique “voice,” we will leave your followers with just one question: “Where do I sign up?”


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