Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month has officially begun! There are so many special things that make up Hispanic people. From language to tradition. From the love of family to the delicious dishes. I am in no way an expert on all the beautiful variances in race, beliefs, religions, ethnicities, and nationalities in the Hispanic culture. I canContinue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month”

Marking a Moment

I have always found it fascinating how humans, myself included, will rationalize our actions to truly get what we want, regardless of if it actually makes sense.  “It’s the start of the school year, I need this.” “I’m going off to college, I need that!” “I just got a promotion, I’m getting it!” “With theContinue reading “Marking a Moment”

Knowing Your Audience

Not all companies can be that company with a snappy post or clever tagline. If your company makes the reusable straws packaged in recycled, recyclable cardboard and metal cleansing brush to accompany it, yeah you can really drive home the message of reducing waste. If your company is the company that receives products to beContinue reading “Knowing Your Audience”


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Hi, I’m Rosy! I am Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Writing Co. I write pieces on varying businesses topics from the perspective of a professional, REAL 26 year old. If I’m not writing (or reading) I am walking my toy poodle, Feather, across different nature trails in Houston!

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