Knowing Your Audience

Not all companies can be that company with a snappy post or clever tagline. If your company makes the reusable straws packaged in recycled, recyclable cardboard and metal cleansing brush to accompany it, yeah you can really drive home the message of reducing waste. If your company is the company that receives products to be recycled- who is your client? Not the recycler, but the recycling entity. Yes, that company wants to know you are a child of the earth and hoping to leave a healthier planet for our children- but mostly, they want to know that you have a set process that works to reduce error in the sorting, processing and composting of products? How often does your company experience a slow down due to machine issues? How competent is your machinery in terms of quality? How many tons of products do you work with per year? 

Thinking of who your client is, where they can be found, and what their needs and desires are will and should influence how you speak to them and present your offerings to them. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. for a branding and marketing strategy that speaks to your audience in the most effective, appropriate, and authentic way!

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