Knowing Your Audience

Not all companies can be that company with a snappy post or clever tagline. If your company makes the reusable straws packaged in recycled, recyclable cardboard and metal cleansing brush to accompany it, yeah you can really drive home the message of reducing waste. If your company is the company that receives products to beContinue reading “Knowing Your Audience”

The Notes in Between

Fun fact: Every member of my family can sing. I’m talking several octaves and wild falsettos. Growing up, we always sang as a family, whether it was in church or on road trips across Texas or just with a karaoke machine and microphone in our home. I vividly remember, we each would take certain linesContinue reading “The Notes in Between”

Big Hat, No Cattle

We love a good simile and metaphor down here in the South. We truly have comparing down to an art here in the South. There is nothing quite like a southern saying. We will make up the most creative, lovingly harsh sayings. Let’s explore one of my favorite southern clever sayings.  Here in Texas, weContinue reading “Big Hat, No Cattle”

Stocking Up

Hurricane season just officially started on June 1 and will end on November 30. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I have experienced a handful of tropical storms and hurricanes in my lifetime.  I have vivid memories of storm clouds rolling in, parents picking up their kids early at school to avoid flooding, and emptyContinue reading “Stocking Up”

Can’t Relate: What Matters to Your Audience?

Like many, I have been ridiculed my whole life for a number of reasons, all of which are a level of petty only children can achieve. My peers always thought it was the most bizarre thing that I have never seen an episode of that one pineapple who lives under the sea. You’ve never beenContinue reading “Can’t Relate: What Matters to Your Audience?”

Buyer Persona: Prelude to a Personal Conversation with your Customer

As humans, it is natural to want to categorize everything into concise groupings that make sense in our brains. It is natural to do so because it lessens the energy and time the brain has to use to figure out what is happening, what is most likely to happen next or how to appropriately respond.Continue reading “Buyer Persona: Prelude to a Personal Conversation with your Customer”