Can’t Relate: What Matters to Your Audience?

Like many, I have been ridiculed my whole life for a number of reasons, all of which are a level of petty only children can achieve. My peers always thought it was the most bizarre thing that I have never seen an episode of that one pineapple who lives under the sea. You’ve never been on a rollercoaster? Did you even have a childhood?

Just because it is common, does not mean it is necessary, or, dare I say, even a positive thing. Just because it is the norm, does not mean everyone can relate. 

Just like my family had different ideas of spending time together and its own values, your customer base can have diverse ideas and be just as “uncommon” as my childhood apparently was. 

If something is different or unexpected, it still has value to explore and connect with as an organization. 

I may have never been to Kemah or Six Flags, but I had a full Texas upbringing by going to Corpus Christi, San Marcos, San Antonio, Dallas and other cities more times than I can count. No, I’ve never been to the Houston Rodeo (that’s the only one I am slightly upset about.) Every person in the category of American children born in the mid to late 1990’s along with me does not automatically have the same beliefs, experiences and opinions as one another. 

So what does that mean for your company? If your company portrays itself as an organization that listens and cares about what their customers have to say, then actually listen and don’t train your ears to only listen for what you want to hear. After all, we are all unique individuals that have purchasing power and, more importantly, a different perspective. 

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