Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month has officially begun! There are so many special things that make up Hispanic people. From language to tradition. From the love of family to the delicious dishes. I am in no way an expert on all the beautiful variances in race, beliefs, religions, ethnicities, and nationalities in the Hispanic culture. I canContinue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month”

Marking a Moment

I have always found it fascinating how humans, myself included, will rationalize our actions to truly get what we want, regardless of if it actually makes sense.  “It’s the start of the school year, I need this.” “I’m going off to college, I need that!” “I just got a promotion, I’m getting it!” “With theContinue reading “Marking a Moment”

Give the People What They Want

I wrote “Labor Day: How Marketing Misses the Mark” last year. In it, I wrote that marketers fail to read the room and hijack the federal holiday to push some sort of sale or promotion. Though marketers will take any and every chance to push a product, as they should, I’ve realized that they onlyContinue reading “Give the People What They Want”

The Notes in Between

Fun fact: Every member of my family can sing. I’m talking several octaves and wild falsettos. Growing up, we always sang as a family, whether it was in church or on road trips across Texas or just with a karaoke machine and microphone in our home. I vividly remember, we each would take certain linesContinue reading “The Notes in Between”

Big Hat, No Cattle

We love a good simile and metaphor down here in the South. We truly have comparing down to an art here in the South. There is nothing quite like a southern saying. We will make up the most creative, lovingly harsh sayings. Let’s explore one of my favorite southern clever sayings.  Here in Texas, weContinue reading “Big Hat, No Cattle”

The Effects of Inflation

I am coming to you with breaking news. It seems like it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  INFLATION. Gasp! Now fear not, inflation is a very normal part of the economic cycle.  In economics, we have what is known as a basket of goods and services. This fictional basket of goods reflects the fixedContinue reading “The Effects of Inflation”

A Nod to Culture

July 22nd is National Hammock Day! The hammock is a wonderful, relaxing contribution from my Central American culture. Hammocks originate in the indigenous cultures of North, Central, and Latin America and can be traced back about 1,000 years ago. Growing up, we specifically had twine and cord hammocks in our home, made in the motherland,Continue reading “A Nod to Culture”

All American Pet

I have drawn endless joy and inspiration from my precious toy poodle, Feather (@featherthetoypoodle) as seen in National Pet Day and My Dog Understands Marketing: Understanding to Harmoniously Walk Through the User Experience—or Through A Nature Trail.  I take pride in raising my sweet curly boy to be a well-behaved, respectful, well-rounded dog that isContinue reading “All American Pet”