All American Pet

I have drawn endless joy and inspiration from my precious toy poodle, Feather (@featherthetoypoodle) as seen in National Pet Day and My Dog Understands Marketing: Understanding to Harmoniously Walk Through the User Experience—or Through A Nature Trail

I take pride in raising my sweet curly boy to be a well-behaved, respectful, well-rounded dog that is trained well enough to enjoy life to the fullest. After all, trained dogs have more fun. Seriously, though, he can play on the beach or be surrounded by wildlife and be completely off leash because we have nurtured a relationship with boundaries and routines. In fact, we have trained him to wait for a command. He will only “go” for his food, a toy, or a duck on our command. He even knows how to transfer power once his pack is around. He will bark like any good boy who believes he is a menacing guard dog, but once I enter the room, I will tell him “thank you” for keeping an eye on our property of course, and he will retreat to his nearest bed while I check who is at the door. 

So today I leave you with the image of Feather soaking up some delicious freedom on this National All American Pet Photo Day. Isn’t loving our beloved stars and stripes so much that we choose to dress our pets in them the ultimate branding? Talk about “brand” recognition and loyalty. Do you think dressing our pets and taking themed pictures with props is an American thing?

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