National Pet Day

As any pet parent will tell you, having a fur baby will enrich your life with joy and will even reduce stress. 

Let me tell you, I am that customer that will happily pay for the highest quality of raw food and chews, highest quality harness, and all around any product or service that would improve his quality of life including daycare, training, and adventures all over the world. My family takes this very seriously.

If you enter the dog world, be prepared to hear from the brand loyalists, such as myself, that will share what food he is on, the best nature trails to explore, tips to travel with your dog, and where they get groomed. And get ready for the different voices, the cuddles, the walks and hikes, and the unconditional love!

I won’t keep you too long today—go out and explore the world with your pet! At the end of the day, marketing for the friendship between a person and their pet is based on love, and pet parents like me, are more than willing to pay for quality products and quality time. I will leave you with a plug—follow him on IG @featherthetoypoodle.

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