National Potato Chip Day

Branding and Loyalty Potato chip fans are on par with football fans and fans of regional burger chains when it comes to the unencumbered fervor with which they follow their favorite brand. We’ve talked about what your coffee says about you in Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in your Daily Life. So what does your potatoContinue reading “National Potato Chip Day”

Vision Board

Seeing as how the buzz of new beginnings lingers in the January air, I’d like to ask you a question. Have you made a vision board? I don’t make a vision board every year, but I can see the value in it. You are visually reminded by handpicked images of each category of your lifeContinue reading “Vision Board”

Conglomerates & Discounts

‘Tis the season to shop, apparently. We cannot deny that Americans will spend hundreds, if not thousands, on their holiday, end-of-year shopping and some families may even go into debt to do so.  Large parent companies and key players in luxury conglomerates have outlets all over the world. Whether in New York or in England,Continue reading “Conglomerates & Discounts”

The Marketing Behind the Watch Face

I was recently asked why anyone would still buy a watch when phones exist. Lucky for you, I have a wealth of knowledge of the watch industry as a lover of exceptional timepieces. I’ll spare you the reference numbers and intricate complications and focus on the marketing behind what some people may consider outdated items. Continue reading “The Marketing Behind the Watch Face”

Crocs Resurgence: What We Can Learn from an Impressive Comeback

An Impressive Comeback This Saturday is National Croc Day. No, we are not celebrating the amazing animals that are nearly perfect predators; we are talking about the controversial shoe brand. Whether you bought your first pair of Crocs decades ago or this year, there are a few things we can learn from the brand thatContinue reading “Crocs Resurgence: What We Can Learn from an Impressive Comeback”

Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in Your Daily Life

Anyone Can Be A Coffee Person, It Just Takes the Right Cup Whether it’s in Italy, El Salvador, or the USA, the world loves their coffee. If you ask a coffee lover how they take their morning cup of coffee, they’ll respond with pride. Certain flavors or additives seemingly have a cult following. You knowContinue reading “Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in Your Daily Life”

Customer Loyalty: How Does a Customer Turn into YOUR Customer?

What is customer loyalty? What does customer loyalty mean to you? What does it look like? Is it that one follower that double taps all of your Instagram posts and responds to your Instagram stories with the fire emoji? Did you gauge customer loyalty by the length of the line of people to your storeContinue reading “Customer Loyalty: How Does a Customer Turn into YOUR Customer?”