Crocs Resurgence: What We Can Learn from an Impressive Comeback

An Impressive Comeback

This Saturday is National Croc Day. No, we are not celebrating the amazing animals that are nearly perfect predators; we are talking about the controversial shoe brand. Whether you bought your first pair of Crocs decades ago or this year, there are a few things we can learn from the brand that made quite an impressive comeback in the past few years. 

Thinking Outside the (shoe) Box

Collaborations with an array of high-end companies keep the Crocs brand relevant and in the public eye. Whether the headline reads something like The Ugliest Shoe Just Got Uglier or Why are these Shoes Sold Out?, the shoes in question are being talked about and are generating social media buzz. From the runway in Milan to the hallway of college campuses, the Crocs brand is visible. 

Revamped by New Generations

I would venture to say that Generation Z played a very big role in the Crocs resurgence. The unique fashion styles that are adopted and reimagined by Gen Z and go viral on TikTok influence the purchases of the generation. Though some of us may have worn shoes from brands like Vans and Converse well over a decade ago, Gen Z has made these brands all their own in recent years. These are just some examples of how the new generation has the power to reimagine items and make them extremely successful by flexing their purchasing power.

Speak the Language of the Youngins 

TikTok is easily one of the most popular social media platforms for the millennial generation and definitely the preferred platform for Generation Z. It takes consistency and a great product to go viral on social media. One must be aware of the most current trends in music, effects and style. Positioning your product or service in a creative way is the fun part. Whether it is a dupe or alternative of an expensive, high-quality product or an item that symbolizes the aspiration of a luxurious lifestyle, virtually any companies’ offerings can be showcased on social media. A fun and easy DIY project or a feel-good post are ways to showcase your goods or services and make sales!

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