Step Into Your Role as Delegate

Today, Monday, April 25, 2022 is International Delegate Day. On the agenda for this day, we have a bit of history, definitions, how to be a delegate, and closing remarks by yours truly.  A Look Back This day marks the anniversary of the first day of a two-month conference that birthed the United Nations. AccordingContinue reading “Step Into Your Role as Delegate”

The Dangers of Associations

We’ve been through this before. When things happen IRL, people will have strong reactions, naturally, and their support of one group and disdain for another will often be misplaced. We all know what is happening in the world right now and, unfortunately, we are not new to this. A lot of people are “boycotting RussianContinue reading “The Dangers of Associations”

Inclusionary v. Exclusionary Language

Being inclusive is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. There is immense value in having opinions and suggestions from individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and a wide range of areas of expertise. In recent years, I have quietly observed a common theme in spaces that are claiming to be inclusionary and a “safe space.” IContinue reading “Inclusionary v. Exclusionary Language”

Vision Board

Seeing as how the buzz of new beginnings lingers in the January air, I’d like to ask you a question. Have you made a vision board? I don’t make a vision board every year, but I can see the value in it. You are visually reminded by handpicked images of each category of your lifeContinue reading “Vision Board”

Be the Person You Want to Be

I recently saw a commercial that said “be the person you want to be.” My eyes could not have rolled back further in my skull. “Be the person you want to be” marketing, the older sister of the overtly reckless “treat yourself” marketing.  It’s truly genius. This message spoke to the hope that the newContinue reading “Be the Person You Want to Be”

Call To Action

You wouldn’t dial a phone number without having something to say, so why enter any social media platform without focusing on your message? I am a big proponent of not entering a platform or marketing tool until you have a full strategic plan with key, quantitative objectives in hand. I have seen social media profilesContinue reading “Call To Action”

Crocs Resurgence: What We Can Learn from an Impressive Comeback

An Impressive Comeback This Saturday is National Croc Day. No, we are not celebrating the amazing animals that are nearly perfect predators; we are talking about the controversial shoe brand. Whether you bought your first pair of Crocs decades ago or this year, there are a few things we can learn from the brand thatContinue reading “Crocs Resurgence: What We Can Learn from an Impressive Comeback”

Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in Your Daily Life

Anyone Can Be A Coffee Person, It Just Takes the Right Cup Whether it’s in Italy, El Salvador, or the USA, the world loves their coffee. If you ask a coffee lover how they take their morning cup of coffee, they’ll respond with pride. Certain flavors or additives seemingly have a cult following. You knowContinue reading “Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in Your Daily Life”

Are You in the Wrong Room? Part 1: Twitter

What Did you Just Step Into? Have you ever accidentally walked into the wrong room? In my undergrad years, I would randomly end up in the wrong room. I attended a small, private university in which my classrooms consisted of anywhere from 3 students to 20 students. So, as far as campuses go, it wasContinue reading “Are You in the Wrong Room? Part 1: Twitter”