Step Into Your Role as Delegate

Today, Monday, April 25, 2022 is International Delegate Day. On the agenda for this day, we have a bit of history, definitions, how to be a delegate, and closing remarks by yours truly. 

A Look Back

This day marks the anniversary of the first day of a two-month conference that birthed the United Nations. According to, “On 25 April 1945, delegates from fifty countries came together for the first time in San Francisco.” Delegates came together after the second world war with the purpose of representing their country and creating an organization that would restore peace.

Defining a Delegate

The word delegate defines a person sent or authorized to represent others, mostly in a formal setting like a conference. The word delegate stems from the Latin word legare which means to send as an emissary. Interestingly, the word is in close relation to the words legacy, colleague, and relegate.

How to be a Delegate

With this definition and background information, we can deduce that a delegate is sent out of an organization or group, carrying with them the information and attitude necessary to accurately represent their group. In order to have the details, there would have to be a previous coming together to make sure the message is accurate, concise, and clear. The transfer of information would also have to occur before the delegate sets out on such an important journey. 

Closing Remarks

Are you a proper delegate of your company? Are you accurately communicating what you are called to communicate? Are you communicating in an amicable, respectful way while actively listening to those around you? Are you equipping your employees with what is necessary to be a delegate for your company? 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. to accurately equip your company’s employees with the structural tools to be a successful delegate and to communicate the brand’s messaging appropriately on social media. 

This was a fun blog post to write. Talk about connecting your message at all times and deriving a proper call to action. If you would like to continue reading on delivering your message, read Call to Action. We will have to discuss the role that delegation plays in your company to save time, resources and to set expectations for your teams at a later time.

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