Call To Action

You wouldn’t dial a phone number without having something to say, so why enter any social media platform without focusing on your message?

I am a big proponent of not entering a platform or marketing tool until you have a full strategic plan with key, quantitative objectives in hand. I have seen social media profiles in which the absolute minimal amount of time and effort put forth is painfully evident.

Like I mentioned in the blog post, Are You in the Wrong Room? Part 1: Twitter, “a lot of companies and organizations will enter every major platform and practically copy and paste the same text and graphic to each of them, resulting in a bland feed of ill-fitting images, unfinished copy and minimal positive impact on a potential buyer or user.”

Every email, every blog post, every social media post or video should have a clear and concise call to action. Do you want your audience to read more information on the product page on your website? Do you want to get your followers to register for an event or buy tickets? Is the goal to raise funds for a humanitarian cause your company is a part of? Maybe the goal is to showcase your offerings and attract clients. Whatever the call to action may be, make sure you have it ready to go.

In talks with fellow millennials, I have gathered that our generation can feel a bit anxious when having to call someone over the phone. I believe the consistent use of technology in our lifetime has predisposed us millennials and Gen Zers to generally avoid a phone call when texting, website chat boxes, and emailing is an option. And even then, millennials and Gen Zers would rather watch a video that helps solve the problem or answer the question, but that is a topic for another time. 

Just like the overprepared, slightly-anxious millennial ready with the facts and figures on hand for a phone call, your organization needs to have all their ducks in a row before you pick up the call and enter any social media platform. You should have done the research, answered the right questions, set a purpose and set tangible goals for the work you do on social media beforehand. 

And seriously, do everyone a favor and have all the account numbers, balance, terminology and any relevant information on hand next time you make a call. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. to be prepared with an appropriate call to action on every platform and on every post.

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