Holiday Marketing

Rhythm isn’t limited to a fun children’s book full of sight words that rhyme. Clever marketers use rhythm for the very same reasons that children’s books often rhyme: it is easier to remember and is enjoyable to read as music and tone are wondrous joys to experience. Take the rispetto poem I wrote about holiday marketing for example.

Holiday Marketing by Rosy Hernandez

Poetry and rhythm may seem a bit childish to some, but it works in marketing. Why does it work? Well, a slogan or jingle for a company or for an event are easier to remember and in a very natural way, are a joy to slide off the tongue. The rhythmic nature of a marketing message will be heard, shared and repeated. I feel like we see a spike in the use of subtle poetic devices during the holiday season. A good short poem in an Instagram post, email marketing, or on your website that gives the vibe of cozy, hot-chocolate-sipping family memories and how your product or service can add to the wholesome experience is a nice little device you can employ in your copywriting. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. for copywriting that delivers your marketing message in surprisingly pleasant ways, whatever the season.

Happy Holidays!

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