A Look Back at 2021

Happy New Year! Since this is the first blog post of 2022, let’s take a look at five of my top blog posts and explore why they are still relevant, what I have learned since writing them last year, and a bit behind the scenes. Click the titles to read the blog posts!

Holiday Marketing

It was a lot of fun to write and craft a rispetto poem. A rispetto poem has 11 syllables in each line and can follow an array of patterns, though mine follows the classic AB AB CC DD pattern. It was a fun twist to use the rhythmic tone of commercials and billboards in a poem that is a tiny bit satirical in nature. It felt like I was using a tool that others employ to exploit consumers to relay a more meaningful message and it was fun being that cheeky

Now More Than Ever

Why am I still hearing and reading this all over the place? Like I said in the blog post, “Your clients do not need a tragedy to then feel good; make your clients feel safe and cared for every day of every year.” And I’ll go ahead and “employees” to that. Work to make your clients AND EMPLOYEES feel safe and cared for every day of every year. 

My Dog Understands Marketing 

Listen, training my dog is an ongoing journey. Yes, my dog is very well trained, and, yes, there are things that arise that I have to continue training on. For example, in the past, the word hello would get him barking every time. But he has other words and phrases that get him going. “Look!” “Who’s that?!” 

Again, not calling your customer a dog. We must continue to teach and affirm behaviors we want to see and behaviors we do not want to see. In a way, your customers are also teaching you. That email that had very low open rates tells you to work on the copy on your subject line and pre-header line. Your customers are telling you to reassess their interests and improve communication with that campaign you launched that did not meet its goals.

When Overconsumption Overpowers Gratitude

Writing about intentionality injects a renewed excitement in my mission to create marketing that does not depend on FOMO. I aim to speak to the joy to be derived by the use of a good or the experience of a service. I am not a financial advisor, though if you’re up for it, we can venture further into the world of minimalism, finances, intentional consumerism, mindful shopping, reduction of waste and other topics that I enjoy and know first hand. Be wary of genius marketing! I would even say, be wary of pushy marketing. 

Buyer Persona: Prelude to a Personal Conversation with Your Customer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “Regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and identity, spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, your customer can be unique in their opinions on any topic at hand. One’s combination of political point of view, skillset, communication style, profession, languages spoken and religion can make one an outlier on a graph.”

I very much dislike being categorized by the color of my skin or the origin of my last name—I think there is a word for that; it’ll come to me. Like I mentioned in the blog post, “ It is natural to do [categorize] because it lessens the energy and time the brain has to use to figure out what is happening, what is most likely to happen next or how to appropriately respond.” And yet, I have always considered myself an “outlier” due to my career, my age, my hobbies, the languages I speak, my style, my home, my finances, my multicultural background, and so on and so forth. There is a beautiful complexity within every human.  

Changes for 2022

Be prepared for a more free use of my voice. Take this blog post as an example. My voice is encapsulated in the words that I choose and the way I structure my sentences. 

I want your input! I am having fun writing to bring you a blog post every week and want to ensure that you are enjoying them!

Blog posts will be published on Mondays at 8 AM CST instead of Fridays at 8 AM CST.

Thank you for reading. Please follow our socials and connect with Heritage and me, Rosy!

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