Be the Person You Want to Be

I recently saw a commercial that said “be the person you want to be.” My eyes could not have rolled back further in my skull. “Be the person you want to be” marketing, the older sister of the overtly reckless “treat yourself” marketing. 

It’s truly genius. This message spoke to the hope that the new year brings and appealed to emotion. This year can be your year. Be exactly who you want to be. 

This ad made me think of social media and how people are beginning to see right through the marketing powers that be. 

“Oh, Instagram isn’t real life.” “People stage their pictures, rent cars and rent luxury items.”

“I had to stop using FB because at some point everyone was posting about their new house that has double the square footage of their previous house.”

Luxury TikTok is on another level. A rapid flash of extravagance and aspiration to the tune of a trendy song. 

Did this company say that to create and appeal to the inner desire of having a social media worthy lifestyle? A picture worthy spread on a table with fabulous porcelain?  A picture worthy trip with glowing tans, blue waters and vibrant sunsets?


A very valuable part of getting you to swipe that card is getting an item in front of you as many times as possible. After a few times of seeing the same item, most will begin to warm up to the idea of purchasing it. 

Because, well, it’s surprisingly simple, and yet, highly effective. 

“Be the person you want to be” marketing is just as reckless as “treat yourself” marketing and is disguised as self-care and growth. Yes, I am a marketer. No, I do not create or buy into marketing that promotes overconsumption, waste and financial irresponsibility. 

If you want to market your goods and services intentionally and morally, contact Heritage Writing Co. today!

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