My Dog Understands Marketing: Understanding to Harmoniously Walk Through the User Experience—or Through A Nature Trail

I have a genius, gorgeous, three year old toy poodle named Feather. In training my dog, I have to be aware of his reactions to everyday occurrences. I regulate his energy so that he is not stressed and continues to live a healthy, well-balanced life. I have to strike that balance between his natural reaction to protect our land, our family members and his own space and letting him know he is safe and can back down, trusting that we, the humans, will take care of it.

There is one word in particular that makes me take a deep breath as a dog mom.  What is that word? Hello. It is, obviously, everywhere and each time, my dog expects for someone to appear and make themselves known. Whether it is a person on the other end of a phone call or a person introducing themselves in the beginning of a video, my pooch understands that hello sets the standard for what, statistically, is going to happen next and reacts accordingly.

Anyone walking near or towards the car will absolutely garner a good ol’ barking session from my dog. It does not matter if it’s the drive-through, grocery pickup or my father heading out; we guide him in these situations by giving a command to sit or high five for a yummy piece of mahi mahi. 

Regardless of the car we may be using that day, my poodle knows that if we are walking in a parking lot or sidewalk with cars lined up, we are most likely going to look for our car and enter it. We have had to teach him that we are not leaving yet and how to keep walking. 

Similarly, business owners and marketers have to reach that perfect balance. Humans are wired to accumulate goods that we believe will protect, sustain, improve and, sometimes, beautify our lives for survival and to attract a mate. It is our duty as marketers to guide them through a seamless purchase funnel. Now, do not fret; I do not see your customers as dogs. With this example, we can have a new perspective on how marketing requires preparation, discipline and understanding to harmoniously exist and walk through the user experience—or through a nature trail.

In marketing, setting the standards can look like quality interactions through the purchase funnel such as social media content, landing pages, product descriptions, a pop-up window asking to sign up for the newsletter, a physical pop-up to showcase your goods and so much more. Contact Heritage Writing Co. to seamlessly guide your customers through experiencing all you have to offer while redirecting them for conversions and brand loyalty. 

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