“Now More Than Ever”: The Cheap Line that Could Cost You

Are you tired of hearing now more than ever in a soft, comforting voice in every ad and commercial lately? Zoom calls, professional tops paired with pajama bottoms and now more than ever seem to just be part of our daily lives at this point.

I know. I know. It seems like a weird thing to have a gripe against. But seriously. Every scented candle. Every loungewear set. Every insurance broker. All of it. Now more than ever.

I know what you’re thinking. Well, Rosy, what are they supposed to say? 

I am glad you asked, dear reader. When I hear that cringe-worthy line, I do not think of a company that cares about their client’s actual health or how they are dealing with the tragedy that has unfolded since March of 2020; I hear a company that is using a cheap line to seem woke and elicit the same complex emotions we are experiencing as a society to translate them into conversions. Is this evil? Not necessarily. Is it cheap and overused? I surely think so. 

Instead of preying on the pain, frustration, fear and utter anxiety that has consequently spread due to the pandemic, perhaps you could speak to the results of your product or service? If that scented candle promised to set the stage for a luxurious evening with close family and friends before the lockdown, what has changed? If your loungewear set is made with the finest of silks, need you say more? Was your insurance not important before the pandemic? Ah, I see, you’d like to reach new customers through the fear and loss that is associated with the pandemic. 

I would propose to showcase your organization’s consistency, longevity and authenticity. Has your company cared about the well-being of its workers before the pandemic? Has your organization supported local business through sponsorships and volunteerism? Has community been a part of your company’s mission statement and purpose before April 11th, 2020 when WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then, please, use that in your messaging. Your clients do not need a tragedy to then feel good; make your clients feel safe and cared for every day of every year.

“Your clients do not need a tragedy to then feel good; make your clients feel safe and cared for every day of every year.”

Refrain from joining the multitude of businesses that are using a superficial line to replace the authentic work they could have been doing and could be currently doing to actually show they care. If your company is not using language that connects to your audience in any significant way other than the empty now more than ever, you better start now. Customers will respect consistency over depthless words.  

Though the words you choose to print on ads and on your website are important, the action you could be taking to impact the lives of your employees, partners, and customers is so much more meaningful. If you succumb to using that line, please, don’t stop there; if you do, the true intentions behind your words will become painfully evident to those you hope to impact. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. to connect with your community deeper than the one pain point that we are all experiencing. Your clients will respect you for being willing to understand them and engage with them further. 

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