Cookie Cutter Marketing

The holidays are upon us and it’s time for cookies shaped and decorated like a menorah, a Christmas tree and a gingerbread man. 

So go ahead, break out the cookie cutters and start getting into the holiday vibes by baking. But make sure to keep the cookie cutters to baking not marketing.

Let me elaborate. The holidays are plagued with “textbook” marketing meant to entice the masses to spend on themselves and on others.

Some companies are using the most basic template on any content creation app and running with it. The overused lines of “now more than ever” or “this holiday season” prey on the emotion of wanting change. This type of language implies that you will be different, you will feel different, once you buy this and that. 

I urge you to take chances; speak to logic and truth instead of appealing to the masses in empty words. The holiday season is very important to many cultures and communities for reasons rooted in things much deeper than a decorated home and gifts.

If you are like everyone else and write underdeveloped copy, you will get equally-bland responses and low social media engagement. 

Give your audience a little more credit and avoid marketing as if you are marketing to children who are incapable of engaging in logical thought. 

If you want to strengthen your marketing message as a business, read our blog post called “Now More Than Ever”: The Cheap Line that Could Cost You.

If you are wanting to resist the temptation of holiday marketing as a consumer, read our blog post called “When Overconsumption Overpowers Gratitude.”

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