Tailoring Your Goods for Clients: The seams of your organization can make you stand out from your competition

 I was recently suit shopping and, let me tell you— I feel like a suit connoisseur. I have a suit jacket that I have owned and worn for six years and it seems like it is on its way out of my wardrobe. Thus, I began an interesting journey of searching for a replacement. 

I knew what I was looking for and what I was not looking for. I wanted my suit jacket to have a composition that lends itself to the hot-humid weather of Houston, Texas. I wanted a solid black suit jacket with some sort of visible lapel and dark buttons. I do prefer silver hardware in my accessories including any buttons. I wanted simple, clean lines and was not opposed to an extra few inches in length for a modern fit.

Notice that in telling you what I wanted, you can start to create a picture of what I did not want. Based on my conditions, a cropped, double breasted, navy wool suit jacket with gold buttons would not work for me, as gorgeous as it sounds.

Similarly, your customer knows what they want and what they do not want. Whether they know that the reason they love that suit is the contrast-stitching on the lapel or not, the tiny details, the seams of your organization can make you stand out from your competition. It could very well be a physical list of prerequisites for the purchase to be completed or it could be a fit that is just not right; your customer or user has preferences and, to some extent, non-negotiables.

Now, in thinking of your company as a suit on the rack, think about the following questions. Is your suit the bespoke creation that is impeccably-made with the finest of fabrics and includes the wearer’s name embroidered on the brand tag? Is your suit made with ethically-sourced materials and is offered at a competitive price? Both have a place in their respective customer’s life and both are valid as offerings on the market.

Now, let us take the perspective of your buyer. Do they have time to go in-store to peruse and try on items? Are they looking for a bespoke service or are they limited by time and a more limited budget? Is your suit-shopper needing a more inclusive size range that maintains stylistic elements for all bodies? Does your buyer need a suit out of necessity or will they experience the shopping process as a fun journey where they can choose how to express their style? Once you know who your buyer is, and their wants based on lifestyle and budget, you can speak to them directly.

After about five hours of looking online and in-store, I landed on the perfect suit jacket and suit trouser combination. Your shopper may not be as knowledgeable or prepared as I was in searching for my suit replacement or they may be even more detail-oriented or even picky. Let Heritage Writing Co. make sure your company, products and services are the right fit for your desired client though branding and marketing services. Let’s whip out the measuring tape and get the numbers that tell you about your audience!

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