Shoot for the Stars

May 5th is National Astronauts Day! As someone who barely made the cut to be considered a millennial, I feel like my generation wanted to grow up and be astronauts. We grew up with Pluto being recognized as a planet. As a proud native of the Space City, I have visited NASA Space Center Houston dozens of times in my life, at all ages might I add, most recently for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Astronauts were seen as the pinnacle of American greatness by children and adults everywhere, especially after the Space Race. We were taught to shoot for the stars! 

What do you think of when you hear the words outer space? Do you think of the gem and pastel toned brushstrokes in outer space? Do you think of the technology that allows humanity the honor of exploring space? I personally think of the watch that went to the moon and has been worn on the wrists of astronauts since 1969. As a highly patriotic person, I am reminded of the pride that erupts within as I see our gorgeous stars and stripes on the side of our space shuttles and on the arm patch of our astronauts.

Using outer space and astronauts’ visuals in marketing results in a message of pride, innovation, and exploration. The celestial, foreign beauty of outer space makes for great branding. What influenced your generation? Do you see elements of that generational dream in marketing?

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