Mother’s Day

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! There is nothing like the love of a mother who gives of her heart to her family and loved ones. As I wrote in Family Ties, “family is the first source of all with which you are endued.” Our mothers are our first example of what a dynamic individual looks like. Our mothers show us how to walk through life with grace, joy, and wisdom. 

Every holiday and celebration is met with a swarm of sales and marketing messages that want you to show your appreciation for others with their specific product. Mother’s Day is no different. Flowers, perfumes, sweet treats, timepieces, and jewelry are heavily pushed for the celebratory day. And each holiday, I find myself slightly confused. 

When it comes to marketing, it is too easy to speak in blanketed statements and generalize what the buyer wants and needs. Granted, there is a level of truth in the items that are pushed for holidays. I’m sure some mothers and parental figures would love to be gifted a set of gourmet chocolates, a bright bouquet of flowers or a fabulous spa package. Some mothers would appreciate the gift of silence and a clean house. 

Take marketing messages with a grain of salt and as an option not a requirement. Only you know what your mother would actually appreciate, treasure, or use. Happy Mother’s Day!

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