The Power of Family

While it’s not a public holiday, International Family Day celebrates the importance of families and cultures around the world. The theme set by the United Nations General Assembly for 2022 is “Families and Urbanization” in order to raise awareness about the importance of family-friendly urban policies. I found this theme very interesting as it highlights what many members of society forget: the family is the center of society. If we think of urbanization, we all want great schools, a safe area to play as a family, and an overall comfortable environment. Cultures that thrive understand and uphold the principle of protecting and empowering the family unit. The urban planners, engineers, and leaders that have a hand in developing our cities and neighborhoods understand this, too. 

I spend a lot of time exploring nature trails, parks and community spaces across my city. I always hear from people who are not from Houston that they do not have places “like this” in their city where the whole family (and fur babies) can gather to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying various food offerings and weekly entertainment. 

As a business owner, I can absolutely see the value of setting up shop in a neighborhood that has a need for your products and services and is a physically safe and clean environment. Business attracts business. Ideally, business owners want to minimize risk as much as possible, and that risk includes physical harm and damages to life and property. 

The theme for this year correlates to commerce and safety, which, of course, affect the families living in the surrounding area through jobs, education, and community outreach. Everyone wants to be a part of a community they can be proud of—that goes for both a physical neighborhood and a family. Healthy family units benefit the members of the family and society as a whole. 

If you want to keep exploring family dynamics and business, check out the Family Ties poem and Home is Where the Heart Is: Modeling Your Corporate Culture After a Home.

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