The Effects of Inflation

I am coming to you with breaking news. It seems like it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  INFLATION. Gasp! Now fear not, inflation is a very normal part of the economic cycle.  In economics, we have what is known as a basket of goods and services. This fictional basket of goods reflects the fixedContinue reading “The Effects of Inflation”

The Power of Family

While it’s not a public holiday, International Family Day celebrates the importance of families and cultures around the world. The theme set by the United Nations General Assembly for 2022 is “Families and Urbanization” in order to raise awareness about the importance of family-friendly urban policies. I found this theme very interesting as it highlightsContinue reading “The Power of Family”

Step Into Your Role as Delegate

Today, Monday, April 25, 2022 is International Delegate Day. On the agenda for this day, we have a bit of history, definitions, how to be a delegate, and closing remarks by yours truly.  A Look Back This day marks the anniversary of the first day of a two-month conference that birthed the United Nations. AccordingContinue reading “Step Into Your Role as Delegate”

National Potato Chip Day

Branding and Loyalty Potato chip fans are on par with football fans and fans of regional burger chains when it comes to the unencumbered fervor with which they follow their favorite brand. We’ve talked about what your coffee says about you in Market Positioning: Coffee’s Place in your Daily Life. So what does your potatoContinue reading “National Potato Chip Day”

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods. We all know what they are in some way or another. Think of great pairs like cereal and milk. If you buy cereal, you’re probably going to buy milk to go with it.  Complementary goods are products that tend to be sold together because each product adds value to the other. Generally, theseContinue reading “Complementary Goods”