Brand Recognition

I have always had a passion for branding. Growing up, my family always went on road trips across the great state of Texas. We used to vlog our adventures before vlogging was cool. We would sing in the car the entire way to Corpus Christi or Dallas or South Padre Island. We would vlog our outings and meals. Eight-year old Rosy was caught on tape saying “Let’s go to the yellow M.” I had never heard of the “golden arches” at that age, but the visual association was on point. I’m telling you, the way I said it was worthy of a killer commercial and my family still talks about it now, even though we don’t eat fast food. 

When you think of branding, you probably think of a catchy jingle or a really clever phrase. Maybe you think of a brightly-colored emblem that cuts through the sky, tempting you to enter and shop or eat. 

Like I said in Signature: A Happy Accident or a Stylistic Choice?, “Regardless of why they were chosen, your branding elements will represent the brand; you might as well make it make sense, as the youngins would say.” Even a blank canvas or minimal branding serve to brand your company. Think of the clean, minimal lines of Apple products and its international recognition. The intentional branding choices, whether minimalist or maximalist, all lend themselves to the brand identity. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. for logo design that fits your needs and forms the brand identity of your company, its offerings, and its values. 

If you’d like to read more about branding, check out The Art of Marketing and Branding Personality of Cars

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