The Art of Marketing

World Art Day was celebrated on April 15th, the day of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth. Art is about fun, talent, and innovation. The word “art” derives from the Latin word ars or artem that means skills, craft or technique. The word “art” is also related to the Greek word artizein which means to prepare, which highlights the skill, preparation, and process of art. 

I personally enjoy the experience that is art. Experiencing art is as complex, thought-provoking, and emotion-inducing as the creation of art. I have spent countless hours in my life studying artists, dissecting techniques, experiencing and viewing art around the world. 

Marketing is a form of art that incites emotions and outcomes based on the amalgam of tone, hue, value, chroma, format, design, shapes, and depth. Painting a landscape, a person, an animal, an object, a significant event, or a casual moment is similar to crafting a social media post, commercial, or even a logo. The placement, colors, and design elements are all intentional decisions. As a person who dissects stylistic choices in art and design, I dissect marketing campaigns, copywriting, and the choices behind that creative process just as enthusiastically. When you craft a marketing strategy, you are creating art. Every stroke, every tone, every touch should impact your target audience.

Contact Heritage Writing Co. to create an artistic marketing strategy that is intentional and impactful.

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