A Nod to Culture

July 22nd is National Hammock Day! The hammock is a wonderful, relaxing contribution from my Central American culture. Hammocks originate in the indigenous cultures of North, Central, and Latin America and can be traced back about 1,000 years ago. Growing up, we specifically had twine and cord hammocks in our home, made in the motherland,Continue reading “A Nod to Culture”

The Power of Family

While it’s not a public holiday, International Family Day celebrates the importance of families and cultures around the world. The theme set by the United Nations General Assembly for 2022 is “Families and Urbanization” in order to raise awareness about the importance of family-friendly urban policies. I found this theme very interesting as it highlightsContinue reading “The Power of Family”

Step Into Your Role as Delegate

Today, Monday, April 25, 2022 is International Delegate Day. On the agenda for this day, we have a bit of history, definitions, how to be a delegate, and closing remarks by yours truly.  A Look Back This day marks the anniversary of the first day of a two-month conference that birthed the United Nations. AccordingContinue reading “Step Into Your Role as Delegate”

The Art of Marketing

World Art Day was celebrated on April 15th, the day of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth. Art is about fun, talent, and innovation. The word “art” derives from the Latin word ars or artem that means skills, craft or technique. The word “art” is also related to the Greek word artizein which means to prepare, whichContinue reading “The Art of Marketing”

Logomania: Branding in Fashion

Do you remember the days where logomania wasn’t popular? Well, as you may recall logomania existed in the loud, bright American fashion in the 1980’s. This color blocking, fluffy hair era was followed by the subdued, neutral earth tones of the 90’s.  At the turn of the century, logomania exploded across bags, velour tracksuits, andContinue reading “Logomania: Branding in Fashion”

Conglomerates & Discounts

‘Tis the season to shop, apparently. We cannot deny that Americans will spend hundreds, if not thousands, on their holiday, end-of-year shopping and some families may even go into debt to do so.  Large parent companies and key players in luxury conglomerates have outlets all over the world. Whether in New York or in England,Continue reading “Conglomerates & Discounts”

The Marketing Behind the Watch Face

I was recently asked why anyone would still buy a watch when phones exist. Lucky for you, I have a wealth of knowledge of the watch industry as a lover of exceptional timepieces. I’ll spare you the reference numbers and intricate complications and focus on the marketing behind what some people may consider outdated items. Continue reading “The Marketing Behind the Watch Face”

“She Understood the Assignment”

It’s the lack of attention to detail for me Recently, I heard a professional comment on the low quality of content delivered by another company. As this individual went down the lengthy list of issues that had to be addressed and resolved, my millennial brain was thinking “Oof, they did not understand the assignment.”  InContinue reading ““She Understood the Assignment””