The Marketing Behind the Watch Face

I was recently asked why anyone would still buy a watch when phones exist. Lucky for you, I have a wealth of knowledge of the watch industry as a lover of exceptional timepieces. I’ll spare you the reference numbers and intricate complications and focus on the marketing behind what some people may consider outdated items

Technology has come a very long way from the pocket watches and first wrist watch models of hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, people don’t even have clocks in their room because they have a cell phone that will tell them the time. From timepieces made for pilots to timepieces made for those that love speed or love adventures at sea, the inner workings of watches and outer characteristics lend themselves to an array of lifestyles and hobbies. 

When it comes to watches, most people will fit into one of two categories. You either love your smartwatch that does it all or you wouldn’t be caught wearing a smartwatch and opt for a Swiss-made or Japanese-made watch. 

How is the watch industry still one of the most competitive industries and relevant in the 21st century? Heritage. Not only is that my company’s name, it is the cluster of ideas and events that make a company’s history rich with marketing content. For a watch brand, heritage is the artisans in Switzerland that have been creating their in-house movements for generations of the same families. It is the records that these watches hold, whether it is the highly sought-after watch that is associated with the races of Daytona or the first watch that went to the moon. It is the certifications and accomplishments that keep raising the standard in their respective area of expertise just like the watch that has been to the very bottom of the deep sea. These companies have walked through the decades and centuries with intentionality and purpose to position their products as not mere wants, but as necessities for their clientele. 

Regardless of the combination of the bezel, dial, bracelet, complications and time-keeping accuracy on a watch, the watch industry retains loyal customers and attracts new generations by appealing to the pride and excellence of their respective heritage. 

Certain brands are almost too good at marketing their pieces because the process of being able to purchase a timepiece is just that—a process. Some authorized dealers will expect you to show your love and loyalty to a brand and to their company before you are able to “unlock” certain limited edition and highly-sought after models. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. to market your company and products with a focus on a heritage your customer, partners and employees can be immensely proud of.

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