The Use of the Color “Black” in Literature

I remember when the use of the color black in literature first jumped out at me in my early reading years. You know what I am talking about.

The black raven screeched in the distance.

He felt consumed by this great big black ball of anger.

She waved her flashlight frantically from left to right and right to left as she realized she was lost and it was pitch black.

You get the gist. I just made those examples up, but we have all seen, heard and read the color black used in literature and in the arts. 

Even a black animals like vultures, cats and dogs are affected by the feelings associated with the color black. For example, earlier this week was National Black Cat day. This holiday was made to raise awareness and appreciation for black cats. We have all heard the superstitious beliefs that black cats bring bad luck in an array of cultures. Furthermore, black cats may be put to sleep or be looked over in the adoption centers. 

When the color black is used to describe the setting or an idea in a story, it usually lends itself to explain the unknown, fear, intensity and evilness a character is experiencing. The color can also be used to describe elegance, luxuriousness and professionalism. Black is my favorite color, so I may be biased. Let’s look at another made up example of the use of the color black. 

He looked on as Rosy’s sleek black car glistened brilliantly under the clear night sky as she arrived at the party. He took a deep breath and went to greet her. 

Elegant. Even a little sexy, dare I say.

Rosy’s steps quickened as the black car’s engine growled behind her like a menacing monster. How I am supposed to outrun this vengeful cavalry, she thought to herself.

Spooky vibes. 

Though everyone has the freedom to write in their own style, word choice is very important. The message here is to be aware of what your words may mean and use every single word intentionally. Marketers are responsible for every word that is put out there on the internet. 

Contact Heritage Writing Co. for strategic marketing services and make sure you give the right spooky vibes this fall season through impeccable diction.

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