“She Understood the Assignment”

It’s the lack of attention to detail for me

Recently, I heard a professional comment on the low quality of content delivered by another company. As this individual went down the lengthy list of issues that had to be addressed and resolved, my millennial brain was thinking “Oof, they did not understand the assignment.” 

In the example I recently heard, everything that this company holds as valuable was undermined. Spelling errors and the blatant disregard (or lack of research!) of cultural traditions are a telltale sign that they really did not put in the appropriate amount of effort into the task.

Have them saying “She understood the assignment”

To avoid the embarrassment of underdelivering, please, do yourself a favor and ASK QUESTIONS. You could even ask for a quick list of things to look out for, things that the client definitely wants to see and the things the client absolutely does not want to see. Ask about the vibe of the project at hand. Who is the desired audience and what is important to them? Do sayings and phrases that we use every day have a different meaning in another language or dialect and are they even applicable to a region-specific or global audience? 

Companies will have very little patience for ill-made assets or projects because a quick email or internet search would have given you a better idea of cultural sensitivities, for example. Worst case scenario, the client thinks you ask too many questions until they are pleased with the final product. The real “worst thing” that could happen is under-performing and even insulting the client. 

Heritage is our middle name-well, I guess it’s our first name

At Heritage Writing Co., we take pride in our understanding of and deep appreciation for an array of languages, cultures, faiths, lifestyles and traditions. Contact us for your multicultural marketing needs! You don’t want to go viral for all the wrong reasons! 

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