Brand Personality of Cars

The Power of Logos

When you think of luxury cars, what do you think of? Do you think of the black and yellow bull, a capital B in between a pair of wings, the Spirit of Ecstasy, or a black horse from Stuttgart surrounded by Germany’s colors? There is a reason that every Rolls Royce comes with the iconic matching Rolls Royce umbrella and you can get Porsche branded luggage and accessories. You know it’s good when they make duffel bags and luggage that fits in the trunk perfectly. Are these extra pieces overpriced? Maybe. But there is nothing like consistent branding even in the hats, pens, desk blotters, and keychains that the company gives you. More than anything, they are selling the lifestyle. The rugged adventures of the iconic G63 or the speed of a Rapide. The brand’s color palette, tagline, and accessories add value to the personality of the company. A brand’s personality is saying that you are youthful, exciting, agile, sophisticated, or sleek, if your car is. 

The Reality of the Car Industry

Branding is such an integral part of the car industry. Several car makers will share lanes in the factories only to part ways towards the end of the process to add the branding elements and slight visual differences. I will never forget when a professor in my university who had experience overseeing such factories told us what he believed was the best car for the money. Though he clearly had the insight to arrive at his conclusion, branding will have the average buyer paying “for the name.”

Perceptions and Branding

Most Americans will agree that a car is so much more than a means of transportation to get you from point a to point b. Cars are such an interesting thing. Cars will go down in value the moment you drive it off the lot and will most likely lose value with every thousand miles you put on it. Certain makes and models will hold most of their value if you have to play the game to get the car in the first place. For example, if you had to show your loyalty to an Italian or German carmaker by working your way up to unlocking the dream car, your sale of said car may even bring you a profit. Breaking even or making a profit on a sale of a car are definitely not as common as taking a loss on it. 


According to LendingTree, “Americans owe $1.46 trillion in auto loan debt“ as of 2022, which is simply horrific. Perhaps some prioritize the image they present over financial security and a stress-free life. Can’t relate, as the kids say. Don’t get me started on leasing a vehicle. I will never understand why one would pay the bank or lender to drive their car and own nothing at the end of it. 

We all know the car market is losing its mind. Used cars with tens of thousands of miles are selling for what they were sold for with minimal miles on it or are being sold with a nifty little profit. Obviously, the world’s logistical issues contribute to the fact that some used cars are selling for more than new. 

There are good deals out there on great vehicles, and yet, branding, albeit clever branding, will have the average consumer “buying into the lifestyle.” Now, let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with a little extra comfort and stylistic preferences, as long as you can pay cash for it.

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