Big Hat, No Cattle

We love a good simile and metaphor down here in the South. We truly have comparing down to an art here in the South. There is nothing quite like a southern saying. We will make up the most creative, lovingly harsh sayings. Let’s explore one of my favorite southern clever sayings. 

Here in Texas, we have a good ol’ saying: “Big Hat, No Cattle”

Someone wearing a fancy cowboy hat, with nothing of value to oversee, ergo, no cattle. Someone is all talk and no action. There is no power or substance behind their words.

This could be applied to people’s finances or financial situation due to consumer behaviors. You know what I mean. The family with a great McMansion in a good neighborhood that can’t afford their monthly mortgage payment, is not saving for retirement, and has not saved enough money for emergencies, much less for college. That is what we call in Texas, “Big hat, no cattle.” 

Depending on the regional audience, it could be a really fun idea to employ a Southern saying in marketing. You know your audience best so you are able to intentionally speak to them in a way as loving and sassy as a Southern grandmother. 

Big Hat, No Cattle

You are driving down 59 and see a billboard of an armadillo wearing a 10 gallon hat with empty pockets turned inside out. The words “Big Hat, No Cattle? Invest now.” are written on the billboard for a local bank.

Contact Heritage Writing Co. for copy that is relevant to your company’s offerings and your audience’s cultural sayings in an appropriate way, of course.

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