Executive Package

The Executive Package is for established professionals, whose expertise is not in marketing, to brand themselves as leaders in their field for an array of reasons. The return on investment from an expert-level, personal branding on social media can include that next job offer, contacts that will lead to clients, partners, sponsors, a career shift and opportunities to market yourself in a way that actually matters to you. As professionals, you may get caught up on the delicate balance of showcasing events and successes of your current employer and still being a human behind the profile that has interests and goals outside of your 9-5.

  • Includes consultation to get to know your goals for your social media platforms
  • Includes a Social Media Marketing Strategy specific to each platform that is tailored to you
  • Includes secure organization of anecdotes, images, and other elements that I will use to create organic content
  • Includes creation of Social Media Content for a specified number of platforms and for a specified number of posts per month
  • Includes scheduling of Social Media posts through scheduling platform
  • Includes detailed guidelines for engaging on your behalf with comments, likes, follows, and other pages and profiles based on your comfort level OR ability to suggest how you should engage on each platform on your own

Who is a good candidate:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medical professionals
  • Educators
  • Individuals looking to reach new work opportunities (it’ll be our little secret)
  • Bilingual and multi-lingual individuals
  • Executive Leadership
  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Recent graduates that are looking for that next job