Where is Heritage Writing Co. based?

Heritage Writing Co. is based in Houston, TX, USA, though we serve clients all over the United States of America.

What kind of company is Heritage Writing Co.?

Heritage Writing Co. is a minority-owned and woman-owned business. We are working on getting these certifications through the City of Texas.

How did Heritage Writing Co. get its name?

Our name was born out of the passion we have for branding and the joy we feel in carefully crafting a heritage your clients, employees, partners and sponsors can be proud of. Longevity and heritage is what every good company strives for. Here are Heritage Writing Co., we are sticklers for writing that has the appropriate “voice,” while upholding correct syntax. If we deviate from a solid sentence structure, it will most definitely be done so on purpose.

How many languages can you work in?

Heritage Writing Co. can serve your marketing needs in English and in Spanish.

How does Heritage Writing Co. select which organizations receive services in kind?

Heritage Writing Co. donates 1 hour of work for every 10 hours of paid work to organizations in need. Heritage Writing Co. researches small businesses, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and individuals that would benefit from our services. See what we are currently working on here.