Heritage Package

The Heritage Package is an overhaul of your organization to help your audience EXPERIENCE your brand. Your clients will be immersed in what it means to live the (your brand name) life. The Heritage Package follows a detailed process to identify points in your organization that can be amplified and used in marketing your goods and services. This package will last a minimum of 9 months and I will follow the ongoing objectives of your brand, schedule and manage your social media content. A bonus of the HERITAGE package is the creation of internal documentation to equip your internal teams with the processes that will strengthen your organization as a whole, and trickle down to your clients.

  • 9 month commitment to experience results of rebranding/branding campaign
  • Includes an initial assessment to begin crafting a Marketing Strategy
  • Includes the creation of new Internal Documentation where necessary to support rebrand
  • Presentation of and training your team on new internal documentation
  • Includes creation of graphics to be used in marketing materials
  • Includes creation, scheduling and management of Social Media content to support rebrand
  • On-call during business hours to answer any questions you may have