Logo Design

We are pleased to offer logo design at three tiers that serve your branding goals and your bottom line! Each package lays out the number of drafts, revisions, and deliverables.

The Origins Story

This is your origins story. Well-developed and to the point. Clever and catchy. Has all the good background info. The logo will be so impactful, you’ll want to make it its own signal cutting through the night sky.

The Family Crest

You have planned long and hard for this. This logo will serve as your corporation’s crest. It’ll embody the work that went into the organization and what you want your successors to know, appreciate, and embody. Your family crest will be so meaningful and beautiful, you’re going to want to make it into wall art in your work space.

The Heirloom Package

The Heirloom package is for those that will invest in quality that will be long-standing in the years to come. Like a piece of carefully, hand-painted porcelain, the logo will be made with love, both impactful now and in the future, and will be passed down to every generation in your company. Happily passed down to generations of those worthy of holding such a well-crafted piece in their hands. Do you feel it? The cold, clean porcelain in you hands. Lightweight, yet sturdy. Pleasing to the eyes and details hidden within its composition and design that echo the meaning behind it. That echo the vision of those brave enough to create it.