Our Philosophy

Heritage Writing Co. is a woman-owned, minority-owned business that provides marketing services such as branding, social media content creation and internal documentation creation to small businesses, non-profit organizations and for-profit enterprises.

Crafting a heritage is wildly important to us — so much so that it is in our company name. In our mission to leave a legacy and an inheritance to our community, Heritage Writing Co. donates 1 hour of services for every 10 hours of paid work to small businesses, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and individuals that would benefit from our services. See what we are currently working on here.


Focusing in on your buyer persona is an exhilarating task, as it allows you to give a name and face to your customer. It guides you and gives you the ability to answer you clients’ questions and to provide a solution to their challenges. Once you know who your buyer is, where they can be found, their backgrounds and interests, and even their objections, you will be equipped with the language to speak directly to them. Is your client a 25 year old woman that goes to the mall with her toy poodle to expose him to larger crowds, in order to have a well-rounded, polite dog? Is she therefore likely to be interested in your highly-specific, somewhat overpriced, almost ridiculous product that will improve her dog’s life? Will she be willing to part with her funds to raise and maintain a happy and healthy dog? Based on her profile, she could be persuaded relatively easily.  (Yes, I am that dog mom.)


Branding is the vibe that your logo, slogan, visual characteristics, mascot and heritage give off. Is your handbag the type of handbag that I need for utilitarian reasons and to carry everything but the kitchen sink? Is your handbag my new go to handbag for work that takes the stress away of organizing my documents and protecting my laptop? Is your handbag the impeccably-made heritage piece I will pass on to the next generation? Is your handbag worthy of a front-and-center position in my wardrobe? Let’s discover it together.


Whether it is a refresh or a campaign, looking at your company, products and services from a new angle has the power to transform your marketing (and your brand) to be relatable, honest and personable. Transparency, inclusivity, corporate responsibility and carefully crafted language are necessary to maneuver the landscape that is social media and to display your multi-faceted product. Together, we can turn something others would hide or ignore into something meaningful and worthy of a double-take.

Rosy Hernandez

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Rosy Hernandez was born and raised in Houston, TX. She attended Houston Baptist University and graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in International Business.

Rosy has a passion for languages and cultures. Her passion for diversity, transparency, inclusion and serving the community echoes through Heritage Writing Co..

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  • Social Media Content Creation
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