National Fresh Breath Day: What is the Hypothetical Breath of your Company?

It is National Fresh Breath Day in the United States today. So yes, expect to see your favorite organic, vegan toothpaste talk about the need for fresh breath and the underlying health conditions you can prevent by brushing twice a day. You should also expect some sort of email or text from your local dentist’s office saying to remember your dental health today and every day (if their marketing team is up on their game, that is!) The CMOs of gum manufacturers should also have this day on their calendar. But why is your favorite marketing company in Texas talking about it?

You do not have to be a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) to know how awkward bad breath can be. Being a human that wakes up from even a short nap will suffice for experiencing the dreaded bad breath. The thing with bad breath is that in order for other people to be caught in its orbit, they’d have to be pretty close to you. Even if one is alone, one is uncomfortable with the current turn of events. If you are surrounded by other people, it can be very awkward. No one wants to say anything about it because, though it is natural, it may cause someone a bit of embarrassment in being called out for it. That’s when you hit them with the Hey, does anyone want gum? If it’s bad- it’s pretty bad. It has to be a bit of a dire situation for someone else to actually notice it, much less talk about it or bring it to someone’s attention. Though no one wants to talk about it, you will be remembered for it. 

What is the hypothetical breath of your company? I’m not talking about coffee breath- it is a necessary evil sometimes, although, hopefully, a short-lived battle. But, seriously, for those close enough to catch a whiff, is it comforting? Is the breath of your corporate culture a cause of discomfort for your employees? I’ll spare you the visuals of smell traveling, but is your company’s breath felt by your partners and clients? Those affected by your breath can include current employees, potential future employees and don’t forget about your past employees; people talk. Take your pick of the companies who made headlines for firing hundreds, if not thousands, of employees at the top of the global pandemic. I still hear people talking about how “they don’t support a specific retailer with their dollars because of how they treated their employees.” The issue for many was not the very real, financial, fiscal, economic effects of the pandemic and the decisions that were made with the careful management of available resources, but with the manner with which people were treated at the cusp of uncertainty.

Similarly to someone’s breath, your company’s breath can be off putting, good enough where no one has to bring it up hastily or it can be exceptionally good to be worthy of a mention. So the question still remains: What is the hypothetical breath of your company? Contact Heritage Writing Co. to create the documents that will support your corporate culture and give them something good to talk about. 

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