National Blame Someone Else Day

Today is National Blame Someone Else Day! This day is celebrated on the first Friday the 13th of the year. Deeply rooted in superstition, Friday the 13th is a day some people will avoid leaving the house, driving or doing uncommon tasks during the day. Hopefully you did not miss your alarm clock or forget your lunch at home before you left the house for work. Today is a day where you do not have to sweat your mistakes and one day where you can chalk it up to a stroke of bad luck. All tradition aside, let’s take this day to see this holiday from the eyes of your business.

When it comes to your business, you simply cannot blame someone else. As a business owner, let me tell you, whatever is done and whatever is not done is the responsibility of the organizational leaders. We’ve talked about fiduciary duty before. To quote Leadership is Letting Go Equipping Your Business for Success & Succession, “Basically, these leaders must always work in the best interest of the company (over their own) and all actions are done so in loyalty to the company and in good faith.” You cannot point the finger at someone else when your team members come to you with comments and suggestions. You most certainly cannot avoid accountability when the good ol’ IRS comes a-knocking. Similarly, you cannot point the finger at someone else in your enterprise.

Let’s take the volatile social media platform, Twitter, for example. The Twittersphere will not accept anything other than truth, even if they have to dig for it themselves. Is your team prepared for a comment, tweet or post that calls out the misuse of a word or phrase or, even, a gross generalization that was written due to lack of knowledge? Even though National Blame Someone Else Day is about letting it slide just a little bit, the internet will be quick to call you out on any mistake. As much as you may want to see the internet as an angry mob that takes things out of context, the internet is made up of your past, current and future customers and employees! That is why you need a marketing strategy and a wordsmith that acknowledges, understands and respects an array of cultures, languages, communities and faiths. Contact Heritage Writing Co. to make sure your company does not slip into the fingering pointing game—because in this game, everybody loses. 

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