Labor Day: How Marketing Misses the Mark

It seems like every holiday these days is about shopping for the latest and greatest. Seriously, I typed in “labor day 2021” into a search engine a few days ago in hopes of reading up on the history of the American holiday and if there was any particular theme for this year. I wish I was kidding when I say that the first result was an article about how “bittersweet” the end of summer is, but how it is the perfect time to jump on these sales! I get it; someone put in the effort to tag the unique combinations of words that would go statistically go along with “labor day” when someone types that in into a search engine. I understand companies want to honor their working relationships with the list of brands that need to be highlighted this month. 

Without further preamble, the purpose of Labor Day is to recognize and honor the work of the American people and the contributions that they have made for the American economy and the community as a whole. The holiday officially began in the late 1900s to give workers a day of rest and followed countless strikes. Millions of Americans wake up every day (and every night—I see you night-shift people and the on-callers) and put in the hours with commitment to their craft and the well-being of their families and of our great nation. 

In conclusion, this federal holiday is not about a sale or a shopping spree. As a marketer, you have to be able to read the room and strike the balance between presenting the wonderful offerings of your company and not ignoring the true significance, intelligence and excellence of the hard-working American people. Contact Heritage Writing Co. to be able to read the room and deliver the appropriate marketing message.

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