Spam is on Another Level

Scammers are on another level these days. The “hello dear”s of the world are increasingly tech savvy and ruthlessly evil.

When we were growing up, our parents would always tell us not to engage with strangers on the internet or over the phone because—well, logic. Why would some obscure stranger across the world have the answer to all of my problems or be able to speak on behalf of the verifiable companies I choose for my internet, banking, and other services? Sadly, this is a global scam that affects men and women that are more advanced in age and potentially suffering from mental conditions that render them unable to identify very real dangers. 

On my personal social media, I’ve gotten follower requests from profiles that are hilariously fake. Seriously. I get profiles with middle-aged men in a suit and tie as a profile picture and talk of their make-believe position as CEO or wealth management professional in the bio section. One of my sisters who is a physician gets such follower requests from “doctors” who are clearly board-certified in scamming, theft, and money laundering.

I am not going to some rando who dm’ed me on instagram for advice on my retirement or for advice on anything, frankly. 

I’ve received business emails from legitimate companies that simply give off the vibe of a scam through poorly-written copy and grammatical errors galore. They may be a reputable company, but their wording causes them to be clumped with the rest of the scammers of the world. To think you have the one thing that will change my business, or my life, is simply absurd. And don’t address a lead as if you have already established substantial rapport with them.

Are you presenting yourself and your company in an authentic and welcoming way on your social media accounts? When the internet is in chaos and policy is in even more chaos, are people willing to trust you and what you put out on the internet? Or are your communications making the audience write you off as a potential scam, only to be blocked and forgotten, never to be explored or defined? 

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